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Opportunities And Challenges The Packaging Industry After The Epidemic

Date:2020-05-12 10:26:27 Views:1209

Opportunities And Challenges-The Packaging Industry After The Epidemic Challenge

Large package goods are cold

In the past, the outbreak of the Spring Festival, large, medium and small parties and dinners across the country, became zero in this Spring Festival. Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the original large-scale sharing of packaging, the catering industry dedicated to large packaging, but affected by the epidemic, sales were dismal. The catering industry has not been spared, and the large packaging seasoning used in the catering industry has lost its place.

No one cares about the Spring Festival gift box

"This year's New Year's New Year does not stay at home, but only at home." This Spring Festival, the public only accepts "Internet New Year's greetings", and refuses to visit. Consumers are unable to close their doors, which directly leads to the lack of interest in the New Year gift box products, tobacco and alcohol products.


Convenient packaging in short supply

The convenient packaging of medical products and sterilized products that are helpful in combating the epidemic has ushered in an unexpected spring, and even in short supply.

Mask packaging is in short supply

Masks have become a necessity for people to defend themselves against viruses. It can be predicted that before the end of the epidemic, masks will become the most demanding consumables. Then came the overwhelming demand for mask packaging, including plastic bag packaging, carton packaging, and carton for boxing and transportation.

Sterile packaging is in short supply

Due to the huge amount of disinfection water in Wuhan area, many suppliers have not started construction yet, the packaging cannot keep up, and the sterilization and disinfection materials cannot be shipped to the epidemic area. The packaging requirements for sterilization products include: plastic raw materials for disinfection liquid, containers, spray heads, bags in boxes, small cartons, etc.

Increasing gap in convenience food packaging

With closed management, express delivery and takeout are not allowed, and people's lives become very inconvenient. Therefore, sales of instant noodles, ham sausages, luncheon meat and other foods have risen against the trend. For a period of time, the demand for convenience food packaging will continue to show an upward trend. These packaging needs include: foam boxes / bowls / cups, anti-scalding paper-plastic cups, flexible packaging bags, and high barrier materials.

Increased demand for bottled water packaging

At present, the distribution of drinking water in medical institutions, enterprises and institutions also faces many challenges. This means that the demand for bottled water packaging will also rise rapidly, including: mineral water bottles, plastic lids, packaging cartons, etc.

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